The entire Yorkshire coaching staff withdraws from club cricket news due to racism scandal

The most successful cricket club in England came under fire after former player Azim Rafik made allegations of racism.

Yorkshire cricket director Martin Mockson and head coach Andrew Gale left the cricket club with the entire coaching staff as a consequence of the most recent destructive racism scandal.

On Friday, a statement from Yorkshire said: “We can confirm that with the exception of all members of the coaching staff, cricket director Martin Mockerson and the first XI coach Andrew Gail left the club today.”

“A new cricket director is about to be appointed, and a new coaching team is being recruited.”

The club stated that the total number of departures was 16, including 6 members of the behind-the-scenes medical team provided by the Pavilion Physiotherapy Clinic.

000 9RQ934Last month, former Yorkshire deputy Achim Rafik gave heart-wrenching testimony to British legislators, saying that his career ended due to abuse at the club. [File: Handout/AFP]

“The Yorkshire Cricket Club needs to make major changes and we are committed to taking all necessary measures to regain trust,” said the new chairman, Kamlesh Patel.

“The decision announced today is difficult to make, but it is in the club’s best interest. If we don’t make major changes to the way we operate, we will not be able to move on from the past and become a culture of progress and tolerance.”

But British media reported on Friday that several players in Yorkshire may leave the club to protest the dismissal, fearing that employees will lose their jobs unfairly.

Last month, former Yorkshire deputy Azeem Rafiq provided sad testimony to British legislators, saying that his career ended due to abuse at the club.

Rafik had previously called on Mokson and Gail to step down, claiming that the club could not move forward before leaving the Headingley Cricket Ground.

Moxon is a 61-year-old former Yorkshire and England opening batsman. Since the scandal broke out, he has been suspended due to a stress-related illness, while the 38-year-old Gael, who was previously the captain of the club, has been suspended. Competition, waiting for disciplinary action. Listen to historical tweets.

Their resignation follows club chairman Roger Hutton and chief executive Mark Arthur, who resigned after Yorkshire’s treatment of Rafic was widely condemned.

Moxon and Gale were severely criticized at the hearing of the Special Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sports in London.

2021 12 03T125429Z 555598883 RC290R9JJA7A RTRMADP 3 CRICKET ENGLAND YORAfter the racism scandal, the sponsor severed ties with the club [File: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters]

An independent report found that 30-year-old Pakistani-born Rafik was a victim of “racial harassment and bullying.” Although Yorkshire has apologized, they said they will not take disciplinary action against any employee.

The consequences of Yorkshire-one of England’s most successful and oldest teams-were swift and devastating. The sponsors withdrew and the club suspended its lucrative international games.

Other players subsequently filed allegations of racism, and as the scandal spread, Yorkshire and other clubs began additional investigations.

The top British cricket administrator announced an anti-racism action plan last week, acknowledging that the “earthquake” had hit the sport.