The drowning of 27 migrants in the English Channel is the worst disaster ever: International Organization for Migration-Global Issues

This incident was the largest single loss of life in the English Channel since the United Nations Immigration Service. International Organization for Migration, Started to record data in 2014.

other On Wednesday alone, 106 migrants were rescued in French waters.

Take all risks

Increasing numbers Of people are trying to travel on small boats that are unsuitable for seafaring when fleeing conflict, poverty or persecution in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea and other places.

According to the International Organization for Migration, since 2014, 166 immigrants Have been recorded dead or missing in the English Channel, and 22,930 Has been recorded dead or missing in the Mediterranean.

European tragedy

UNHCR, Say Estimated 1,600 Someone died or disappeared in the Mediterranean this year while trying to reach Europe from North African countries or Turkey. Hundreds more died in the Atlantic Ocean near West Africa on the immigration route to Spain’s Canary Islands.

According to reports, French authorities stated that since the beginning of this year, more than 31,000 people have tried to cross the dangerous border crossing between France and the UK, and 7,800 people have been rescued at sea.

A French maritime official said that before Wednesday’s tragedy, 14 people drowned when trying to reach the UK this year. Last year, seven people died in the English Channel and two were missing.

Search and rescue call

In July, International Organization for Migration Director-General António Vitorino called for “urgent and positive measures” to reduce the loss of life of migrants travelling to Europe via dangerous sea routes.

His appeal came after a sharp rise in the death toll in the area. The first six months of the year, Rear A sort ofAt least 1,146 people were killed when they tried to reach Europe by boatAccording to the United Nations Immigration Service, from January to June.

“Increase search and rescue efforts, establish predictable disembarkation mechanisms, and ensure access to safe and legal immigration channels,” insisted the Director-General of the International Organization for Migration.

Omen of the Canary

In September, the International Organization for Migration Report The number of deaths and disappearances of sea migrants heading to the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa has increased dramatically. As of the end of September, 785 people had died or were missing in 2021, including 177 women and 50 children.

In the UN’s recommendations to countries to prevent further tragedies, UNHCR reiterated that it continues to raise awareness of the risks of sea crossings and the misinformation provided by smugglers who take advantage of the suffering of children, women and men who have left their homes. The importance of. Home Country.

The UN agency insists that the development of legal and safe channels, such as family reunion visas, is essential to ensure the safety of migrants.


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