The director of the opening ceremony of the Olympics was fired for the “joke” of the massacre

The director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Summer Olympics was fired for the 1998 comedy skit showing him making anti-Semitic Holocaust jokes.

Just the day before the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics will be held in Japan, Kentaro Kobayashi was relieved of his duties.

The organizing committee confirms the news of Kobayashi’s departure statementIt explained, “The creative director has been removed after a joke he made about a painful historical event in the past was exposed.”

“In the short period of time before the opening ceremony, we express our deepest apologies for any offense and pain that this incident may have caused many people participating in the Olympics, as well as citizens of Japan and the world,” the committee.

Kobayashi, known as a comedian, actor and theater director, appeared as a member of the comedy duo in 1998. Ramens. In the sketch, Kobayashi and Katagihito imitate the host in the children’s education program.Kobayashi mentioned the paper-cuts of some paper dolls, describing them as “from that time you said’Let’s play the massacre’,” according to reports Agence France-Presse News Agency.

What he said caused a roar of laughter in the audience.

Video shared online He was condemned by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, calling these remarks “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Kobayashi issued an apology and told the local information: “My job is to entertain people. I should never make people uncomfortable. I understand that my stupid wording was wrong, and I regret it.”

A few days ago, Keigo Koyamada, a composer of the event, offered to resign. At that time, interviews in old magazines resurfaced. He admitted to bullying other children at school, including a classmate with learning difficulties.

The committee called Oyamada’s actions”Absolutely unacceptable. “The four-minute segment of the show playing his music has now been cut.

It is not confirmed how Kobayashi’s departure will affect the plan, or whether changes can be expected to minimize his contribution.

The opening ceremony marked the beginning of the Olympic Games. It was a typical high-value show, highlighted the cultural miracle of the host country, and set the tone for a two-week campaign of excellence.

This year’s exhibition is expected to be more Low-key things, Reuters reported.The games postponed by the pandemic are challenged Multiple athletes The new crown virus has tested positive, and the number of reported cases in Tokyo has continued to increase.

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