The decoration behind the US-backed Venezuelan leader falls apart-RT World News

The opposition politician Juan Guaido, recognized by the United States as the “interim president” of Venezuela, was delivering an enthusiastic speech when the coat of arms on the stage fell to the floor behind him.

The round wooden sign displaying the Venezuelan emblem seemed to be gently pushed by people passing behind the stage, and fell on the ground behind Guaido with a bang when he answered a question. This moment was captured by the camera and quickly spread on social media on Monday. A Twitter user captioned it, “When the theater collapsed.”

Guaido broadcasted the incident live on his Twitter account, and you can see the moment the seal collapsed. 58 minutes.

Opposition politicians declared themselves “Interim President” Venezuela condemned the current President Nicolas Maduro as illegal in January 2019 “dictator.”

With the support of the Trump administration and later the Biden administration in Washington, Guaidó tried many times to take power in Caracas.European Union Withdraw support January 2021.

Monday’s speech was delivered after the weekend’s regional elections, when the ruling Socialist Party won 20 governorships, while the opposition party won only three.Guaido says it’s time now “Reflection, Unity, Work” Among opposition leaders, they need to let go of their conceit and work together “Get rid of the dictator.”

The United States condemned the election result as “Skewed” Supporting Maduro’s party, Secretary of State Anthony Brinken vowed to continue to support Guaidó, including imposing sanctions on Caracas. EU election observers are expected to comment on their experience in Venezuela on Tuesday.

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