The Danish military is the first in the world to fly an electric plane (video)-RT World News

The Danish Air Force showed off its new electric aircraft on Thursday, saying that its test flights have so far proven the potential for lower operating costs and more environmentally friendly technologies.

It acquired two Velis Electro jets from the Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel, making it the first army in the world to use this hardware.

“This aircraft is 100% emission-free, very quiet, and has low operating costs,” Said Lieutenant Colonel Caspar Borger Nelson of the Department of Defense Materials and Procurement Agency.Preliminary tests show “When the technology matures, there may be the prospect of using electric aircraft,” He added.

Denmark has leased these aircraft for two years instead of buying them to avoid “The risk of getting equipment we can’t really use in the end,” Børge Nielsen said. During the lease period, the Danish Air Force hopes to have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of jet technology to determine how it will be applied in the future.

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Russia will debut the world's first electric aircraft at the MAKS 2021 air show

The pilot described flying a single light electric aircraft powered by two lithium batteries as “Exciting,” Say they are “Build well, fly well.”

Last year, the U.S. military stated that it has been paying close attention to the development of electric aircraft, describing its ability to approach targets silently as “huge.” However, their battery capacity is currently insufficient to meet the needs of the US Air Force.

Research on electric aircraft has been ongoing since the 1970s, but battery issues have been a stumbling block to the wider adoption of this technology. Global military interests may change all this, spurring research and investment.

Switching to electricity may be a win-win situation, because it will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make the flight costs of commercial airlines and their passengers much lower.

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