The current system cannot protect us from the next pandemic, “this may happen at any time”-a global problem

Show the results of the six-month accountability system report, Co-Chairs Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia, warn “Unbalanced” progress in solving the problem Coronavirus disease The pandemic continues to cause disease, death and economic loss.

The two leaders called on the heads of state and government to make faster progress together, especially at the UN General Assembly. The two leaders pointed out that after completing most of the basic work, It’s time to end the pandemic and prepare for the next global health threat.

Need to take immediate action

In assessing the progress made since May last year, the report covers leadership and governance, financing, fairness, new legal instruments, and stronger WHO.

The report states that since May, another 90 million people have been infected with COVID 19 and 1.65 million people have died.

After delving into the COVID-19 response,It is recommended that a package of international and interrelated reform measures be taken immediately to prevent future outbreaks.

“In view of the scale of destruction caused by this epidemic and its continuing impact on people around the world, the expert team decided to fully document what happened and why, and put forward bold suggestions for change”, Said Ms. Clark.

Unequal concerns

Unfortunately, the inequality of vaccines has hardly changed. In the poorest countries, less than 1% of the population is vaccinated.

Although rich countries have publicly pledged donations, Ms. Sirleaf observed that “only a small portion of the redistributed dose was actually provided.”

The co-chairs insisted that promised donations must be planned transparently to quickly deliver vaccines and development, adding that “a true end-to-end global public product model is still the answer.”

There is still a lot of work to do

The former leader pointed out Antonio Guterres exist September Call for the expert group’s recommendations as the starting point for urgent reform of the global health architecture.

The co-chairs emphasized the growing momentum of the United Nations Global Summit and the growing support for the new high-level political leadership of the Global Health Threats Committee to mobilize the strong collective commitment required for global health security, which should provide “urgently needed Leadership and accountability”.

New financing

The report emphasizes, “Governance without funds lacks power; finance without governance lacks accountability“.

The independent team pointed out that the Global Health Threat Committee should also allocate and monitor funds from new financing mechanisms that support pandemic preparedness and response.

According to the report, at least US$10 billion in new funds and a pool of up to US$100 billion in response funds are needed each year to deal with the threat of a pandemic.

“Our message is simple and clear: the current system fails to protect us from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ms. Sirleaf said. “If we don’t take action to change it now, it will not be able to protect us from the next pandemic threat, which may happen at any time.”


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