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The State Fire Department confirmed that the Dixie Fire, which raged for more than three months last year, destroyed 1,300 buildings. The cause was that the power distribution line of the national utility company PG&E caught fire after contact with trees.

The Cal Fire investigation was completed on Tuesday and confirmed that PG&E was the culprit of the second largest fire in California history. In addition to burning 963,309 acres of land, the fire also destroyed 1,329 buildings, damaged 95, and almost razed the town of Greenville, a historical community that dates back to the gold rush. A U.S. Forest Service firefighter died while being assigned to the fire. According to reports, the fire occurred when the PG&E distribution line west of Cresta Dam was in contact with a tree.

The agency’s findings confirmed what PG&E already knew, because the state utility company knew the details of its role in the fire nearly a week before involving the public and state regulators.On the same day as the flames broke out, PG&E’s internal power outage report included information such as “Trees in a row,” “Grass Fire” and “The fuse is blown,” None of these will become public knowledge until the deadly hell burns for a week. State utility companies must report such incidents to state regulators within two to four hours; when asked, PG&E admitted to waiting five days.

PG&E was also found to be responsible for the largest fire in California’s history. The 2018 campfire nearly destroyed the town of Paradise, killing 85 people and destroying 18,800 buildings. After being brought to court by Butte County and subsequently filed for bankruptcy in 2019, the utility company pleaded guilty to 84 counts of unintentional homicide and one felony of illegally causing a fire.

Its problems don’t stop there-some California residents believe that as PG&E begins to be implemented, the situation will only get worse “Preemptive strike” The power was cut off under hot and dry conditions, said to be to prevent deadly sparks from regenerating, but its wires continue to cause wildfires, unabated. PG&E is currently facing manslaughter charges for its alleged role in the Zog fire that killed 4 people in September 2020, and is accused of the Bard fire that occurred in the same month as the Dixie fire, which is a smaller Fire.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup is responsible for enforcing the legal penalties imposed on PG&E. He said that the utility company was “Terror: The terror of the people of California.” He questioned why a public utility worker did not turn off the power in the area while investigating what eventually became the Dixie fire. Hundreds of Californians who lost their property in the fire subsequently filed lawsuits against the utility.

In various fires in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the PG&E power line was accused of causing more than 130 deaths. After acknowledging its involvement in the Dixie fire, PG&E promised to bury 10,000 miles of power lines, but it is not clear how they will afford it. Considering that the power lines responsible for Dixie and Camp Fire are located in a rocky canyon, whether such a huge construction project might be possible accomplish.

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