The Cuban protest song “Patria y Vida” won the Latin Grammy for Best Song of the Year.

Hip hop song “Patria Vada” (“Homeland and Life”) won the Latin Grammy for Best Song of the Year on Thursday night, months after it became the anthem of anti-government protests in Cuba. The song also won a Latin Grammy. The best urban song.

After receiving a top award at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Cuban singer Eutol Romero, who fled the island at the age of 19, dedicated the award to all Latina mothers who “loved their children.” Fight for the dreams of

Yotuel, Descemer Bueno, Beatriz Luengo, Gente de Zona and El Funky received the Best Song award for “Patria Y Vida” during the 22nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday.

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“He said to me, ‘Son, have courage and do what my generation can never do.’ “But Mom, you have the courage to let your kids go so they can fulfill their dreams,” she said on stage.

The hit was compiled by Romero and a group of other artists, including Desmeier Bevino, Beatrice Luingo, Guente de Zona, El Funky and Mikael Osorbo. The song re-enacted Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s mantra “Petria o Morte” (“Homeland or Death”) and called for the overthrow of the country’s communist and dictatorial regime. It was released in February, and turned into a rally for protesters during Cuba’s largest summer protests in decades.

Cuban unrest
In Havana, Cuba, on Saturday, July 17, 2021, six days after the uprising of the anti-government protesters on the island, thousands of people in support of the Cuban revolution are attending a cultural-political event on the beach, Malicon Avenue. Are (AP Photo / Ismail Francisco)

Ismail Francisco / AP

While it was well received by supporters, it also received a backlash from Cuban authorities and pro-communists. The song was banned in the country and led to the imprisonment of Osorbo, who is currently in Cuban prison. An update on her Instagram page Posted on Thursday Osorbo fell ill after going on a hunger strike. Romero, who wrote the song last December, voiced Osorbo during the awards ceremony.

Gente De Zona spoke to musicians Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm. “CBS Morning” About the dangers of singing and speaking in July.

“We are talking about the lives of the whole country,” Delgado said. “They are killing our people. So, if I have to die for my people, or for us, we will do it. We must continue to condemn it.”

“We knew we would never be able to set foot on our land again, that we would never see our families again,” Malcolm added. “But, Cuba is my family. My family is the more than 12 million Cubans who are still suffering on the island.”


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