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Judge says Texas effort to crack down on illegal human and drug trafficking violates law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to protect the state’s border with Mexico amid a record immigration influx have faced legal challenges after a judge ruled that Operation Lone Star was unconstitutional.

On Thursday, Travis County District Judge Jan Soifer dismissed criminal charges against the immigrant who was arrested for trespassing last September. The judge, who once chaired the Travis County Democratic Party, found that the Texas border crackdown was unconstitutional and challenged federal control over immigration policy.

The Republican governor, who launched Operation Lone Star last March, blamed President Joe Biden for the border crisis and said the state would instead enforce federal laws against the smuggling of illegal aliens and drugs. Under the program, Texas state police arrested thousands of immigrants. They have been charged under state law, such as trespassing and criminal damage to property.

Kristin Etter, an attorney representing about 800 immigrants arrested in Operation Lone Star, said Soffer’s ruling “Paved a clear path” Let all such defendants’ charges be dismissed. She told the Austin American-Statesman that she was evaluating defense strategies for her clients, including citing the precedent set by Soifer’s decision.

Abbott argued that the Biden administration failed to do a good job protecting the border, endangering the lives and property of Texans. Just last month, he welcomed the start of work on a state border wall project, following where former President Donald Trump left it off.

“The open border policy is the globalist policy that is destroying the United States of America, and that’s why we’re building the border wall,” Abbott said. “That’s why we have the National Guard at the border. That’s why we’re apprehending and incarcerating these people who cross the border.”

illegally crossing the border into the United States soar A new 61-year high in 2021.

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