Taliban orders shopkeepers to “cut off” the heads of mannequins | Taliban News

A video showing a man sawing off a life-size dummy plastic head went viral on social media.

The Taliban ordered shopkeepers in western Afghanistan to cut off the heads of the mannequins, insisting that they were life-size Islamic law, According to reports.

According to a report by Agence France-Presse on Wednesday, a video showing a man sawing off the plastic head of a female dummy went viral on social media.

Since returning to power in August, the Taliban have increasingly imposed their interpretations of Islamic law, severely restricting freedom, especially those freedoms. Women and girls.

Aziz Rahman, Minister of Virtue Promotion and Crime Prevention of Herat City, said on Wednesday: “We have ordered the shopkeeper to cut off the head of the mannequin because it violates (Islamic) Sharia law. “

“If they just cover their heads or hide their entire mannequins, Allah’s angels will not enter their shops or houses and bless them,” Rahman added. When some suppliers initially responded, some suppliers used plastic bags. Or a turban covers the head of the mannequin.

So far, the Taliban has not issued a national policy on mannequins or statues. According to the organization’s interpretation of Islamic law, the depiction of characters is prohibited.

During the first government in the 1990s, the Taliban blew up two ancient Buddha statues, sparking global outrage.

Since they came to power, they have banned girls from attending secondary schools in several provinces, and women have been largely banned from attending secondary schools. Work in the public sector And was excluded from government positions.

Afghan women in bukka robes walk past a clothing store in HeratAfghan women walk past a clothing store in Herat, Afghanistan [File: Petros Giannakouris/AP]

Last week, Kabul authorities said that women Seeking travel Unless accompanied by a close male relative, long-distance transportation services should not be provided.

The organization intensified raids on liquor sellers Drug addict And prohibited music.

The Taliban’s takeover destroyed the aid-dependent Afghan economy and lost billions of dollars Asset freeze Affected by U.S. and international aid, it was basically suspended.

However, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution proposed by the United States last week to help Humanitarian aid Help desperate Afghans while trying to take money away from the Taliban government, which has not yet been recognized by any country.