Taiwan passes extra $8.6 billion defense budget as China threat grows | News

Taipei’s goal is to acquire precision missiles to thwart the threat of an authoritarian Chinese invasion.

Taiwan’s parliament passed an $8.6 billion additional spending bill to bolster defenses against a growing military threat from China.

Lawmakers unanimously passed the special budget on Tuesday, which came in about a record annual defense budget. $17 billion Scheduled for 2022.

The government said the additional resources were aimed at acquiring precise missiles and mass-manufactured efficient naval vessels “in the shortest possible time” to enhance the island’s maritime and air capabilities.

The budget includes coastal anti-ship missile systems, locally developed Wanjian (Wanjian) cruise missiles, as well as attack drone systems and the installation of combat systems on coast guard ships.

Democratic Taiwan is under constant threat of incursion by an authoritarian China, which claims the self-governing island as part of its territory.

China has ramped up military and political pressure, publicly revealing more than Military exercises Simulate an invasion.

Last year, its jets also breached Taiwan’s air defense zone at an unprecedented level.inside largest invasion everIn October, at least 38 Chinese aircraft flew over the island’s air defense zone in two waves, prompting the deployment of fighter jets.

One month before the incident, the Taiwan Air Force was dispatched 10 Chinese planes warned It entered its air defense zone a day after it announced a $9 billion increase in military spending.

While tensions between Taipei and Beijing remain high, the latest threat assessment by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense finds Full Chinese Invasion Landing of troops and occupying ports and airfields will be difficult to achieve due to difficulties in landing and supplying.

Washington has been Taipei’s main ally and arms supplier, and the United States does not formally recognize Taipei as a sovereign state.

“Taiwan now needs to make sure it has the ability to stop, and if needed, counter Chinese attacks, not Five years, ten years later.”

“[The extra spending bill] It will also be welcomed by the United States, which has often complained that Taiwan is too focused on large conventional platforms to the detriment of smaller, more fragmented and lower-cost ‘asymmetric’ capabilities,” Cole said.

Another Taiwanese F-16 fighter jet went missing on a training mission at sea on Tuesday and efforts are underway to find the pilot, the Taiwanese government said.

The most advanced F-16V in Taiwan’s fleet went missing from radar screens after taking off from the Chiayi Air Force Base in southern Taiwan, the Defense Ministry said.

This is the latest incident in the island’s air force. In late 2020, an F-16 disappeared shortly after a routine training mission from Hualien Air Force Base on Taiwan’s east coast.

Last year, two F-5E fighter jets that first entered service with Taiwan in the 1970s plunged into the waters off the southeast coast after an apparent mid-air collision while on a training mission.