Taiwan fighters performing war scenes — RT World News

As tensions with mainland China escalated, the Taiwan Air Force held a combat readiness exercise that simulated “war scenarios,” and mainland China regarded the island as part of the People’s Republic of China.

According to media reports, on Wednesday, an alarm sounded in the southern city of Chiayi in Taiwan, and military pilots rushed towards their F-16 fighter jets. The bill is part of a three-day exercise designed to test the combat readiness of Taiwan’s military.

The aircraft participating in the exercise was exactly the same as the aircraft that intercepted Chinese aircraft in Taiwan’s airspace in the past. One of the officials told reporters, “The pilots of our wing are very experienced and have handled almost all types of [Chinese] airplane.

Taipei has complained that such invasions have intensified in recent months, and Beijing said “Unite“The island nation of mainland China is imminent. President Xi Jinping pointed out in his New Year’s speech that the people on both sides of the strait hope “The motherland is completely unified.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen in turn warned the Beijing government not to “Military adventurism,“And insisted that”Military is definitely not an option to resolve differences between the two sides of the strait.

Her statement drew strong condemnation from mainland China, and senior officials warned that “If the separatist forces for Taiwan independence continue to provoke and coerce, or even cross the red line, we will have to take decisive measures.“He added that if Taipei insists on pursuing independence, it may bring “A profound disaster.

Since the losing side of the Chinese civil war fled to Taiwan from the communist army that took over the mainland in 1949, Taiwan has effectively become independent. Only 14 countries have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, this island nation has long enjoyed U.S. military and diplomatic support. China has always believed that Taiwan is an inalienable part of its territory.

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