Sweden sets up agency to crack down on fake news before elections

Sweden has set up an agency to combat false information because the country is about to hold September general elections

The mission of the Swedish Psychological Defense Agency is “to defend our open, democratic society and free opinions by identifying, analyzing and responding to inappropriate influences and other misleading information against Sweden or Swedish interests.”

The agency was launched on January 1, with departments for “identifying, analyzing and responding to the impact of inappropriate information and other misleading information” and “developing and strengthening the overall psychological defense capabilities of society.”

The government authorities did not name any countries that they suspected of participating in false propaganda activities, but stated that they “will provide support to the people, institutions, municipalities, media, voluntary defense organizations, and civil society as a whole, and to strengthen coordination among these participants.”

Sweden’s next general election will be held on September 11.

France will hold a presidential election in April and set up an agency last year to combat false foreign information and fake news.