Survivors found in coal mine accident in Siberia, Russia

A senior local official said that the search team found a survivor in a coal mine in Siberia, where dozens of miners were estimated to have died after a devastating methane explosion.

MOSCOW-A senior local official announced on Friday that rescuers had found a survivor in a coal mine in Siberia. It is speculated that dozens of miners have died in the mine after a devastating methane explosion.

Sergei Tsivilyov, the governor of the Kemerovo region where the mine is located, said on the messaging app Telegram that the survivor was found at the Listvyazhnaya mine in southwestern Siberia. “He is being taken to the hospital. .”

The Acting Minister of Emergency, Alexander Chupriyan (Alexander Chupriyan) said that the man found in the mine was a rescuer and was presumed dead.

Authorities confirmed 14 deaths on Thursday-11 miners were found dead, and three rescuers died while searching for others trapped in remote areas of the mine. Six more bodies were found on Friday morning, and 31 people are still missing.

Governor Tsivilyov stated that it is extremely unlikely to find other survivors at this time.

On Thursday, after a methane gas explosion and fire filled the mine with toxic smoke for hours, rescuers were forced to stop the search due to the accumulation of methane and carbon monoxide gas in the fire. A total of 239 people were rescued from the mine; according to Kemerovo officials, as of Friday morning, 63 of them had sought medical assistance.

Tass and RIA Novosti quoted emergency officials as saying that there was no chance to find more survivors and set the death toll at 52 on Thursday night. One survivor was rescued Friday morning and reduced it to 51.

This seems to be the deadliest mine disaster in Russia since 2010, when there were two methane explosions and one fire at the Raspadskaya mine in the same Kemerovo region, killing 91 people.

In 2016, 36 miners were killed in a series of methane explosions in a coal mine in the far north of Russia. After the incident, the authorities analyzed the safety of 58 coal mines in the country and declared that 20 (34%) of them may be unsafe.

District officials announced three days of condolences. The Russian Commission of Investigation has launched a criminal investigation into the fire that resulted in death due to violation of safety regulations. It said the mine manager and two senior managers were detained.

Another criminal investigation was launched on Friday for alleged negligence by state officials who inspected the mine earlier this month.


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