Students stop the world’s largest coal port with one click — RT World News

An Australian law student who broke into the Newcastle coal port in the name of climate activism and pressed the “stop” button was fined and sentenced to two years of reeducation through labor.

In a video posted on Blockade Australia’s Facebook page last week, 23-year-old Kirsten Hoffman proudly told the camera that she had just pressed the stop button and the coal port in Newcastle, the world’s largest port, was closed. a machine.

When Hoffman was walking around with her Blockade Australia sticker, her mother Jacinta was “locking” Some equipment as part of their protest against stopping coal port operations and saving the world from the climate crisis.

“Now, I can sit down and plan the next machine I want to shut down,” She said, noting that there are security guards nearby.

The law student claimed that she was “Part of the extermination rebel team, as long as it reaches zero carbon emissions, it can camp and cause pacifist destruction.”

Hoffman continues to compare her career to the struggle of indigenous peoples. “I must admit that we are in the Warmi and Avabakar countries today. The First Nations, whose land was stolen, have been rebelling ever since,” She said, adding that the indigenous people have been engaged in pacifist sabotage for many years.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, the determined law student was fined $1,200 and a two-year community corrections order.

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