Spanish police arrest drug smugglers using helicopters

The Spanish police said they had dismantled a drug gang, which allegedly brought cannabis and marijuana from Morocco to southern Spain by helicopter, and then transported it by road to France

Guardia Civil said in a statement that it seized 2.4 metric tons (2.65 tons) of marijuana and 112 kg (247 pounds) of marijuana, as well as three helicopters, guns and ammunition during the operation.

The statement stated that the police had arrested 11 people and another 9 people were wanted in France.

After flying by helicopter from Morocco across the Mediterranean to Spain, about 15 kilometers (9 miles) away from the nearest point, the drugs were hidden in trucks and a tourist bus with fake license plates, preparing to head north for France.

The police believe that drug sales revenue is laundered through front companies.

Guardia Civil stated that the French police and the European Union criminal agency Europol participated in the operation.