Spanish metal workers cancel strike after pay increase agreement

Metal workers in the province of Cadiz in southern Spain are returning to work after the union and the employer reached a salary agreement

MADRID-The union representing metal workers in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz cancelled a nine-day strike, and workers began returning to work on Thursday after reaching a pay agreement with their employer.

The agreement still needs to be approved by the workers, who will vote on Friday. The details of the transaction were not immediately disclosed.

The open strike began on November 16, and street protests sometimes became violent as riot police clashed with strikers and their supporters.

Workers are demanding pay increases in response to the soaring inflation rate, which was 5.5% in October. At the same time, the wages of many people have stagnated.

The province of Cadiz also lost hundreds of jobs, with an unemployment rate of 23%, one of the highest in Spain.

Most of the jobs in the metal industry in the province are in shipbuilding. Cadiz is a city with a population of 116,000 on the coast near the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a blue-collar city with deep-rooted trade unions.


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