Some US flights were grounded on the West Bank during North Korea’s missile test.

the latest North Korea’s missile testUnder Kim Jong Un’s supervision, it was never a threat to the United States, but soon after its inception, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded airline flights at major West Coast airports – Seattle. From San Diego and from Las Vegas to Honolulu.

Less than 15 minutes later, the operation resumed and the airlines did not report any major delays. But some pilots and air traffic controllers were confused.

“Is this a security issue, or do we know something?” A San Diego pilot asked, according to air traffic control audio obtained by CBS News.

“Honestly, I was not given any information at this time,” replied an air traffic controller. “I have just been informed that we are at the ground stop.”

The North Korean launch was immediately detected by satellite. Within minutes, the North American Air Defense Command had determined inside the Chain Mountain in Colorado that it was not a threat to the United States. The missile had a range of 400 miles, which North Korea claimed was Tested a hypersonic missile.

Jeffrey Lewis of the Middleberry Institute told CBS News that “there is nothing that is needed to get to the United States.”

North Korea’s tests have always been a cause for concern, but so far they have not caused aircraft to land. Military officials told CBS News there was no need to ground. The FAA said it was reviewing its procedures.