Snow-trapped tourists rescued in Pakistan | News

Heavy snow buried the vehicle, killing 21 people and stranding thousands.

Karachi, Pakistan -The authorities stated that they rescued all the stranded tourists at the northern mountain station of Murree after the heavy snowfall Trapped thousands And killed at least 21 people.

On Sunday, local government troops and teams continued to work to clear roads with more than 1.2 meters (4 feet) of snow on weekends, causing tens of thousands of tourists to flock to this popular mountain resort, 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of the capital Islamabad ) At.

“All stranded vehicles have been inspected [and] All of these vehicles were transferred to rescue camps,” said a military statement released late Saturday.

On Saturday, an adviser to the Provincial Chief Minister Usman Buzdal said in a statement that at least 157,665 cars entered the town on Friday and Saturday, and about 400 cars were still trapped in the snow. Ground.

The military said it provided medical services to more than 300 tourists on Saturday and provided food to more than 1,000 tourists in rescue camps in the area.

The military statement stated that some roads were reopened after the snow was cleared, but other roads were still closed due to either icing or ongoing cleanup work.

These deaths aroused widespread criticism from citizens on the government of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media, and many people questioned Khan’s statement on this issue.

“Shock [and] “Uneasy about the tragic death of tourists on the road to Murree,” Khan wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “Unprecedented snowfall. [and] In a hurry [people] Continue without checking the weather conditions, which caught the district administrator by surprise. “

“So only [the] The tourist’s fault? What is the mechanism for alerting people entering these areas? “Senior reporter Asma Shirazi asked.

Others called for an independent investigation of why the government did not foresee or prevent the situation from developing.

“comfort [operations] For tourists who are still stuck in the snow, Muri is now a top priority. However, pictures of rescue operations must not be used to remove anyone from the terrible failure of January 6/7,” said Afrasiab Khattak, the political leader of the opposition. “Only the sharing of responsibilities. An independent investigation is the correct answer. “