Slobodin: Even handcuffs can’t stop Bernier’s speed.

An undercover intelligence asset says the Taliban cannot be trusted and that the terrorist group will quickly return to the drug trade and harbor terrorists.

The man who saved Anthony Bourdain alone, his. Parts unknown. During the Israeli-Lebanese conflict in 2006, Beirut television staff and several VIPs said the Taliban could not be trusted with any future efforts.

A highly trained secret asset that has traveled the “black on black” world to help fight terrorism, Mr. Wolf (not his real name) says the Taliban is a terrorist organization that has now disappeared. Should have done when they were at their weakest point.

The Taliban have proved that they were not trustworthy in the past, and now that they have taken over the country through force and terrorism, why would anyone believe that they can be trusted? He said in an exclusive email interview. Western standards, On a mission in South America.

“How many times have the Taliban betrayed or broken any agreement or promise they have made in the last several years?” he said.

“I refuse to acknowledge that they are not cooperating with IS-K. [Islamic State – Khorasan Province]. I did not see any reports of any Taliban being killed in the attack on Kabul Airport.

“Besides, how did they get there without passing through Taliban checkpoints? When the Taliban released all the Bagram prisoners, they released the terrorists of all groups.”

Wolf’s predictions about the future of Afghanistan were bleak, to put it mildly. It does not even see the economic recovery that some people are predicting for a war-torn country.

“They will now rule the country by force, torturing and killing their own citizens,” he said.

“Of course they will shelter other terrorist organizations as a safe haven … like all terrorist groups they show that it is about religious beliefs, but the fact is that it is about money and power. is about.

There is no religion in the world that encourages people to kill. If they were so religious, why didn’t the Taliban stop the production, processing and distribution of heroin?

“I think we’re going to see a huge increase in heroin production over the next year,” Wolf said.

“The Taliban have worked with many terrorist groups in the past (such as al-Qaeda), so why change now?”

When the world watched in horror as frightened Afghans surrounded and attempted to board a U.S. Army C-17A Globemaster cargo plane at Kabul airport, the nation’s bewilderment by the United States is now a complete catastrophe as well. It is also being seen as a black mark on US President Joe Biden’s new administration

Wolf, who specializes in improvised explosive devices (IEDs), believes that all of these could have been avoided and handled much better.

“We have known the fate of Afghanistan for many months and that the Taliban are going to control the country,” he said.

Closing Bagram before befriending Kabul was a big mistake. Bagram was Afghanistan’s military force.

As long as they controlled Bagram, they could control the high ground and keep the Taliban out of Kabul and the HKIA. [Hamid Karzai International Airport] Until all friendships are safely removed.

Who is responsible for the devastation in Kabul, Wolf pointed the finger directly at the White House. However, he refused to accept that poor intelligence was responsible in any way.

He said the current administration and the president were in charge of the fiasco.

“I am convinced that this is one of the biggest failures of the government so far. I was not surprised by the speed with which the Taliban took over.

“I also refuse to believe that the faulty Intel was responsible. I think the politicians refused to do so, thinking that they were smarter than their military advisers.

“I hope they are proud of their decisions that have resulted in the deaths of many who have helped the coalition.”

As an expert on Western powers’ classified operations, he pointed to Canada’s withdrawal as well-planned and well-executed.

“It’s no secret that the United States was withdrawing its warlords from the Canadian people 10 years ago because Canada’s commitment to the mission was complete. Canada turned this mission into an advisory mission.

“Canada’s commitment was well-planned to ensure that the overall security of the Afghan people was not compromised.”

And so, did we cheat with them? Are we complicit in crime?

“I do not believe that the United States has deliberately deceived the people of Afghanistan,” he said.

But because of a lack of planning and a lack of understanding of the Taliban and a lack of listening to Defense Intel, they deceived many Afghans, as well as those with American passports.

“It was one of the poorest executions ever.”

Years ago, Rick Hillier, Canada’s former chief of defense staff, recounted an incident during the Afghan war.

A Taliban commander who was interrogated estimated the West’s accumulating power, but remained active even when he saw his forces being killed.

“You have watches, but we have time,” the Taliban commander told Hillier.

This statement will upset Hillary. Clearly, the Taliban were ready to wait for the West and inflict damage. That would be a prediction.

Dave McCachk is a Western quality partner..
He worked in the media for decades, including as editor of the Calgary Herald. He is also the military editor of the Asia Times.
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