Slavoj Zizek: Will today’s chaos lead to better changes? | TV show

Wednesday, January 5, 19:30 GMT:
exist “Chaotic Paradise”Philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek wrote about the ruthless chaos the world is going through: from endless epidemics, capitalism and inequality, to climate disasters and post-truth political patterns.

Zizek’s disrespectful analytical style made him an outstanding intellectual who was equally critical of the left and right, and deconstructed the internal contradictions of political movements, popular ideology, and mass media.As an advocate of the new brand of Marxism, he continued to argue that the world can The “Great Reset” of Socialism.

In this episode of The Stream, we will talk to Zizek about his book and ask whether the chaos of our time can be a catalyst for progress. Join the conversation.

In this episode of The Stream, we say and:
Slavoj Zizek