Shocked parents watching the baby on the train accelerate in the car

According to the police, a baby in Germany looked at the train in horror as there was no baby they were driving fast on the train. They had been reunited with their parents.

BERLIN-Police said on Monday that a baby in Germany was reunited with his parents after watching in horror a train without them in the car speeding up.

The federal police said that the father put a stroller and his 11-month-old child on the train, but he was waiting on the platform when the door was closed and he drove out of the Düsseldorf station early on Sunday. His wife joined them.

The panicked parents rushed into a taxi, hoping to catch the train at the next stop in the nearby city of Duisburg. But the passenger who found the unaccompanied baby notified the conductor, who ordered the train to return to Düsseldorf.

The police said in a statement that the parents eventually returned, “the baby was returned to the care of the grateful parents.”