Senegal rejects bill that doubles gay jail time

The Senegalese National Assembly has rejected a proposed law that doubles the length of jail time for homosexuals if convicted of homosexual acts

Dakar, Senegal-The Senegalese National Assembly rejected a proposed law that would double the prison time of people convicted of homosexuality, which is illegal in the country, despite the supporters of the bill Vowed to keep working hard.

The proposed legislation, backed by about 12 parliamentarians, would increase the maximum sentence from 5 years to 10 years. But the legislators of the Macky Sall Presidential Coalition have stated that they believe the measure is unnecessary and was officially rejected on Wednesday.

The Office of the National Assembly issued a statement saying that Saar has made it clear that homosexuality will not be legalized and has been “severely punished by Senegal’s criminal law.”

Human rights organizations and Western leaders have lobbied Senegal to relax laws against sexual minorities, and this issue has been raised during business trips to West African countries in recent years.

Senegal prosecutions of homosexuality are rare, although human rights activists say the number of arrests is rising. Discrimination is still severe in this moderate, predominantly Muslim country, where the bodies of gay men are even exhumed from the cemetery after their families rest in peace.