Scotland reveals how many Omicron patients need intensive care — Action News Now

Official data show that only one person with Omicron Covid strain needs ICU treatment

According to data released by the government, since the Covid-19 variant began to spread in Scotland, only one patient confirmed to have the Omicron Covid-19 strain eventually received intensive care.

According to government estimates, although a quarter of people in the UK were infected with Covid last week, about 80% of the cases were believed to be Omicron, but fewer than 100 people were hospitalized with the new strain.

A potentially encouraging sign is that this new, more contagious variant is not as dangerous as the previous strain. Of all the patients treated with Omicron in the Scottish hospital, only one person received intensive care.

Since the pandemic began, Scotland has recorded nearly 1 million cases of Covid-19, As of yesterday, 1,031 people are currently being hospitalized for the virus.

“It seems that the chances of requiring ventilation and intensive care are lower than before. This is undoubtedly mainly due to vaccines and boosters,” Scottish government adviser Linda Bald told reporters.However, she warned “It’s still possible” some people “Needs hospitalization.”

Data released by the Scottish government found that people who have not been vaccinated are 12.5 times more likely to require hospitalization than those who have received booster injections. This supports the UK Health Security Agency’s study, which claims that booster vaccines are 88% effective in preventing hospitalization of Covid patients.

“It is encouraging, however, it is still important to note that we do not allow Omicron’s much higher spreadability to outweigh its potentially lower severity benefits,” The Scottish government said in a statement in response to the new data.

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