Saudi princess released from prison for nearly 3 years

Advocates claim that the Saudi authorities released a princess who had been imprisoned in the kingdom for nearly three years under mysterious circumstances

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Her supporters said on Sunday that the Saudi authorities have released a mysterious princess who has been imprisoned in the kingdom for nearly three years.

She wrote on social media at the time that Princess Basma Bint Saud, the daughter of the second king of Saudi Arabia, disappeared in March 2019 and was imprisoned in the notorious Saudi prison without being charged. .

The reason why she was arrested with her daughter is not clear, as she has never exerted a significant influence. But this marks the latest case against members of the royal family, as the wayward Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman consolidated his power as the de facto leader of the kingdom.

After his father, King Salman, came to the throne in 2015, he sued critics, activists, and rival royals, and imprisoned and shook the prince in an anti-corruption purge.

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Saudi government has not publicly commented on the case. But in 2020, the Saudi mission to the United Nations in Geneva told the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that Princess Basma was “accused with a criminal offence of attempting to travel abroad illegally.” It added that there was no trial.

Estramante said that when the princess and her daughter were going to Switzerland for routine medical care, security personnel took them away.

“For months, we didn’t even know if she was really alive,” said Grant Liberty’s legal officer Rhianna Dorrian (Rhianna Dorrian), who said the princess has been unable to communicate with her family or support since May last year. Contact directly. “We also know that she was denied basic medication.”

Supporters of Princess Basma praised her release as a victory, and also stated that she is still under surveillance and some details are still unclear.

“This is a good sign for the Royal Court and it shows that they are working hard to improve legal conditions,” Estramante said. “Saudi Arabia is working hard to modernize and develop, and it is important not to allow people to be detained arbitrarily.”