Russian legislators denied immunity from elk killing

The lower house of the Russian parliament stripped a member who criticized the Kremlin of immunity and allowed prosecutors to file charges against him for illegally killing elk during hunting trips.

MOSCOW-On Thursday, the lower house of the Russian parliament deprived a member of the Kremlin critic of the immunity of the Kremlin, allowing prosecutors to file charges against him for the illegal killing of an elk during a hunting trip.

66-year-old Valery Rashkin first denied the allegations, but later changed course and admitted to the killing. However, he insisted that he did not know he was breaking the law and described the case against him as politically driven.

The State Duma deprived Rashkin of his immunity with a vote of 341-55. Rashkin will retain his parliamentary seat during the investigation. If convicted, he could face a fine or up to five years in prison.

Some Russian media claimed that Communist Party member Rashkin faced charges because he frequently criticized the Kremlin and supported the imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (Alexei Navalny), the latter of which is Russian President Vladimir The most compelling critic of Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s Attorney General Igor Krasnov denied that there was any political motivation behind the case.

The Communist Party is nominally opposed to the Kremlin, but voting on key policy issues conforms to its wishes. Some observers claimed that the Communist Party General Secretary Zyuganov could have quietly supported the allegations against Rashenkin, who believed that Rashenkin was a destabilizing figure.


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