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The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its latest forecast that more than 2 million people in Europe may die from Covid-19 this winter, adding that the health systems of most countries may be overwhelmed.

About half of the 53 countries that make up the WHO European Region may face a period of time “High pressure or extreme pressure” Speaking of hospital beds this winter, the United Nations Health Supervision Agency Said Tuesday.The agency added that with the exception of four of them, the intensive care unit may experience a period of time “High pressure or extreme pressure” as well as.

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WHO outlines plan to

Given that the number of reported Covid-19 deaths in the region has doubled since late September, approaching 4,200 a day last week, WHO believes that if current trends remain unchanged, by next spring, the cumulative number of reported deaths may exceed 2.2 million.

The international agency blamed the situation on the prevalence of the highly spread delta strain, which still dominates the region. Other reasons include the large number of unvaccinated people, the reduced level of protection against the disease caused by the vaccine, and the government’s relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions before winter.

“In order to coexist with this virus and continue our daily lives, we need to adopt a’vaccine plus’ approach. This means getting a standard dose of vaccine, if a booster is provided, and preventive measures are incorporated into our daily work,” Said Dr Hans Henry Kruger, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

He also encouraged people to continue to stick to personal protective measures such as wearing masks and avoiding crowded and confined spaces.

WHO said “As a preventive measure, countries should also consider providing booster doses to elderly people over 60 and health care workers.”

“Today, the Covid-19 situation in Europe and Central Asia is very serious. We will face a challenging winter,” Kruger said, calling on national health authorities and individuals to wait “Take decisive action to stabilize the epidemic.”

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