Report: Ethiopia detains many Tigray people deported from the Gulf

A new report from Human Rights Watch stated that Ethiopian officials arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared thousands of Tigray people who were recently deported from Saudi Arabia because the country’s deadly Tigray conflict continues

This is the latest report citing witnesses to describe the mass arrest of Tigray people. The Ethiopian government stated that it was targeting people suspected of supporting Tigray’s forces, who had been fighting the government since November 2020, but withdrew to their area a few weeks ago.

Human Rights Watch refugee and immigrant rights researcher Nadia Hardman (Nadia Hardman) said: “Tigray immigrants who were horribly abused during Saudi detention were detained in detention facilities after returning to Ethiopia.” “Saudi Arabia should be in detention. The Tigray people in danger provide protection, and Ethiopia should release all the Tigray deportees who have been arbitrarily detained.”

Thousands of Ethiopians, mainly from the Tigray and Amhara regions, illegally travel to Saudi Arabia through Yemen every year to seek a better life. But in recent years, Saudi officials have deported thousands of people.

According to Ethiopian officials, tens of thousands of migrants have returned home in recent months. Human Rights Watch stated that the Ethiopian authorities have transferred the Tigrayyan deportees to a reception center in the capital Addis Ababa, and some of them have been illegally detained.

A Federal Police spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Human Rights Watch allegations.

Tigraya, a 33-year-old woman deported from Saudi Arabia in December 2020, told human rights organizations that the federal police stopped her at a checkpoint in Awash Sebat in the Afar region of Ethiopia in April and took her there. A “barracks” was there, where she and as many as 700 other Tigray people were deported.

It is estimated that the war in Ethiopia has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions. At the same time, the Tigray people told the Associated Press that they were living in fear.