Putin declared victory, the leader of Kazakhstan announced the end of the “coup” protest news

President Tokayev stated that the “counter-terrorism” operation will end after a few days of bloody protests.

Rear More than 160 people died In the most violent turmoil since Kazakhstan’s independence more than 30 years ago, the President of Kazakhstan described the protests on Monday as an “attempted coup” because Russia claimed victory in defending its neighbors in Central Asia.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, speaking at an online meeting of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), said that this vast Central Asian country has restored order.

Last week, following the surge in dissent caused by rising fuel prices, dozens of citizens and more than a dozen security forces were killed and nearly 8,000 arrested.

“Under the guise of spontaneous protests, a wave of unrest broke out… It is clear that the main goal is to disrupt the constitutional order and seize power. We are talking about an attempted coup,” Tokayev told the Collective Security Treaty Organization, as the crisis unfolded, The Collective Security Treaty Organization sent troops to Kazakhstan at his request.

The Kazakh president, who blamed the unrest on foreign-trained “bandits and terrorists”, said that with the deployment of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, large-scale “counter-terrorism” operations will soon end. He claimed that 2,030 soldiers and 250 were deployed. Military personnel. hardware.

He also defended the decision he invited Russian-Leading the army into the country and expressing doubts about the legitimacy of the mission stemmed from lack of information.Interactive-Kazakhstan CSTO

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tokayev said in a speech that the military alliance of the former Soviet Union prevented “terrorists, criminals, predators and other criminals” from destroying Kazakhstan’s power base, and said that once the mission is completed When completed, its troops will be withdrawn. .

“Of course, we understand that the incident in Kazakhstan is not the first, and it is far from the last attempt to interfere in our country’s internal affairs from the outside,” he said. “The measures taken by the Collective Security Treaty Organization clearly show that we will not allow turbulence in the domestic situation.”

He said that the CTSO will not allow “color revolutions” to occur, which refers to the several popular revolutions that have occurred in the former Soviet Union countries (including Ukraine and Georgia) in the past two decades.

Turbulent days

Kazakh protests began Increase in fuel prices Before it evolves into a broader anti-government riot Political influence Used by the 81-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev, the former long-term president.

The most violent clash between protesters and security forces took place in Almaty, the country’s largest city, where more than 100 people were reported to have lost their lives.

“The main attack is on Almaty. The fall of this city will pave the way for the takeover of the densely populated southern part and the entire country,” Tokayev told the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

“Then they plan to occupy the capital,” he added, referring to Nur Sultan named after Nazarbayev.

Tokayev said that Kazakhstan is a strictly controlled country of the former Soviet Union and will provide evidence to the international community to prove what happened.

He has not provided any evidence to support his claim that outside actors were involved in the riots.

Robin Forestie-Walker, an expert on Central Asia from Al Jazeera and reporting from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, said: “People have raised a lot of questions, namely, where is the real evidence of terrorist activities… On the contrary, many people think that maybe This is more like an internal affair, a power struggle among elites vying for control of Kazakhstan.”