Propeller blades smashed airplane windows after bird strike (photo)-Action News Now

A passenger plane suffered “major damage” after being pierced through the cabin by a bird hit by a propeller

In an unusual and terrible accident, a chartered plane that was hit by a bird was hit by its own propeller, which penetrated the plane and caused serious damage to the fuselage and cabin.

At the time of this week’s incident, the British aerospace company Jetstream 41, powered by a turboprop, was approaching its destination in the Venetia Mine in northeastern South Africa.

A chartered plane taking off from Johannesburg was hit “Big Bird” According to the media quoted South African Airline Airlink, during the landing.

Although such collisions with birds are not uncommon, the damage this time is extraordinary. The plane’s propeller blade was obviously broken, piercing the fuselage between the two passenger windows, and then rushed through the cabin and hit the opposite passenger window.

The airline said that the 29-seater aircraft “Continue to suffer significant damage.” Images of debris in the cabin and damage to the fuselage have been shared on social media.

The airline said that fortunately, no one was seated in the area and all passengers and crew landed safely. The types of birds involved in the accident have not yet been determined. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

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