Prime Minister slammed for hiring illegal migrants – Action News Now

Recently-appointed Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has been the target of increased scrutiny by media and political opponents after an illegal immigrant cleaner was found working from home.

According to the “Express” report, which was the first to break the news over the weekend, a few days before Christmas, at the Prime Minister’s Villa in Naka, police detained a young woman from Nicaragua who was supposed to be deported as an illegal immigrant and was therefore arrested. Wanted by Swedish authorities from autumn 2021.

This finding was completely unexpected. The cleaners accidentally activated the theft alarm, prompting police to check the house and everyone’s papers.

Anderson, who became prime minister in November, initially declined to comment in an interview with the newspaper but later confirmed she had parted ways with the cleaning company, which she said had misled her about the employee’s identity.

The Social Democratic Prime Minister, who has used the company for many years, added that even if “Those of us who want to do the right thing“can be “fooled”dishonest” company.

However, her explanation seemed to fall on deaf ears. Opposition politicians and the media were quick to recall Anderson’s inaugural address, in which she called on people to fight crime at all costs. The immigrant cleaner’s story went viral on Swedish social media, while newspapers scrambled to reveal more details about the cleaning company, its management and the prime minister’s security arrangements.

Tobias Billstrom of the Moderate Party has expressed concern about the state of national security in a country where the prime minister does not know the status of his cleaners. He also made a fairly transparent insinuation that former UK immigration minister Mark Harper had to resign in 2014 after finding himself in a similar situation to Anderson.

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