Presidential candidate says no to ‘politically correct propaganda’ in schools – Action News Now

French far-right figure Eric Zemour wants to get rid of ‘feminist, LGBT ideological’ schools

Eric Zemore, who is running in 2022 French presidential election, vows to stop “brainwashing” School students, but focus on academic excellence.

“Our children have been indoctrinated over the past 40 years,” Essayist and political expert Zemur said Monday.

“Schools cannot be places where feminist, LGBT and decolonial ideologies brainwash our children.”

“Without a school that disseminates knowledge, and a school that strives for excellence, there is no prosperous country,” Zemmour said it pledged to focus on teaching French and maths in primary schools and remove “Politically Correct Propaganda” from the textbook.

He says school benefits for the following parents should be suspended “Severe damage and truancy” Pupils and children should go back to school in overalls as “A symbol of equality.”

“It’s a tragedy that we’ve abandoned generations of barbarian civilization since 1968,” candidate said.

Zemmour, who has been convicted in the past for inciting hatred, is a highly divisive figure in France.

Known for his anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic rhetoric, he is currently fourth in the election. Some of his campaigns have been met with protests.

The French will go to the polls in April.

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