Presidential candidate makes free hair loss treatment campaign promise — Action News Now

One in five Koreans suffer from baldness, according to the Korea Democratic Party

South Korea’s ruling party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has pledged to include hair loss treatment in the national health insurance scheme in an attempt to win over voters in March’s election.

help those “suffering from hair loss” If he becomes president, Lee will be one of his priorities Announce in Friday’s Facebook post.

“I will expand the National Insurance Scheme’s coverage of hair loss treatment medicines and actively investigate the inclusion of hair transplants in the treatment of severe cases of hair loss,” he said. He swears.

The Democratic politician insisted that his plan would allow for a stable market for hair loss drugs in South Korea, promote the development of new drugs to solve the problem, and reduce the prices of existing drugs.

Last week, Lee’s camp floated the idea of ​​expanding the National Health Insurance to cover hair loss treatments. The candidate even held a meeting with a group of voters affected by the issue.

Democrats say about 10 million of the country’s more than 51 million people suffer from hair loss. These men are forced to buy expensive drugs from abroad or turn to prostate drugs as cheaper alternatives.

While many South Koreans are enthusiastic about Lee’s initiative, others have accused him of pursuing populist policies that will only put more financial pressure on the country’s health insurance service.

The 57-year-old responded to critics in his post, arguing that “The anxiety, social phobia and disconnection experienced by people with hair loss is directly related to the quality of life and the discriminatory attention they receive in their daily lives, [hair loss] Not a personal matter. “

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