Pope warns ‘cancel culture’ is ‘ideological colonization’ – Action News Now

Pope uses his annual address to Vatican diplomatic corps to express concern over rise of ‘cancel culture’

In a speech to Vatican diplomats, the Pope condemned “cancellation culture” for “invading many circles and public institutions” and warned that political correctness could erode “all senses of identity”.

Catholic Church chief slammed as he spoke on Monday “Single Track Thinking” where the individual expresses a “The mentality of rejecting the natural foundations of man.”

Warn of the risk of erosion “The cultural roots that make up the identities of many people,” Pope then calls ‘cancel culture’ “Forms of Ideological Colonization” may be damaged “freedom of speech.”

The religious leader also expressed concerns about people being deprived of their identities “Under the guise of defending diversity.”

“Diplomacy is called truly inclusive, not canceling but cherishing the differences and feelings of different peoples in history,” He added.

While the Pope did not mention any specific examples of cancellation culture, he did point out that historical events should not be denied, rewritten or prescribed by today’s standards.

The pope’s remarks came more than a month after the Vatican secretary of state condemned a statement by the European Commission for discouraging the use of the word “Christmas” by its staff.

In an interview with Vatican News, Cardinal Pietro Parolin claimed that the directive was “Contrary to reality” By trying to minimize Europe’s Christian heritage, claiming it was cancelled “Our Roots” and ignore “Christian Holiday” and the region’s “Christian Dimensions.”

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