Pope Francis accuses childless pet owners of being “selfish”-RT World News

Catholic leaders accused them of depriving the world of “the richness of paternal love”

In a speech at the Vatican, Pope Francis criticized those who let pets “replace children” as leaving civilization “inhuman”, saying that they deprived society of “rich paternal love.”

The Pope addressed the general audience on Wednesday, again targeting their decision to avoid being a parent, which may arouse the anger of childless pet owners.

Although he seems to be a fan of animals and was photographed petting dogs, tigers and baby black panthers, he was still condemned by the Pope. During Epiphany in 2014, the pope even put a lamb on his shoulder.

In any case, the Pope believes that those who do not want to have children and choose to keep pets show a kind of “Selfish form.”

“Sometimes they have one and nothing more, but they have dogs and cats instead of children. It might make people laugh, but it’s reality,” Said the pope.

Civilization is old and without humanity, because we have lost the riches of paternal love, and it is the country that suffers.

As we all know, the Pope’s predecessor, Benedict XVI, was a fan of cats and owned a black and white cat named Chico. It is believed that Francis did not have any pets in his apartment in the Vatican.

For couples who are physically infertile, the Pope believes that individuals should “do not be afraid” Began to be a parent through adoption.

“It’s always risky to have children, but the risk of not having children and denying parent-child relationships is even greater.Pope Francis said, reiterating the concern he raised in 2014 that not having children is a kind of “The phenomenon of cultural degradation.”

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