Police suppressed large-scale protests triggered by currency plunge — RT World News

As more and more people take to the streets of Turkey, uneasy about the record drop in the lira, scenes of heavily armed police trying to suppress the protests have spread from Istanbul.

In the footage of RT’s Ruptly video agency, police officers wearing helmets and shields can be seen blocking the streets in Istanbul, while police officers in lighter equipment sneak into the crowd and forcibly drag some protesters away.

On Wednesday, people flocked to the streets of Turkish cities to condemn the government’s handling of the financial crisis, and a large number of police appeared. Although many people participated in the protest, thousands of people lined up at the gas station due to the rapid increase in fuel prices. Many more people panic buying dollars. Others invested money in electronic products, and some companies stopped sales in the country due to soaring inflation.

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The turbulence was caused by the Turkish lira’s fall to a historical low, which has depreciated by as much as 45% this year-about half of which occurred this week. On Tuesday alone, its exchange rate against the U.S. dollar fell by 15%, but it rebounded by 7% on Wednesday. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan defended the interest rate cut-this is his government”Economic independence war. “

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