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It was discovered that the method of controlling law enforcement dogs during the police operation violated the new German law on animal welfare

After a new animal rights law prohibits the use of methods of training and controlling dogs when arresting criminals, the German police withdrew well-trained dogs from the front.

According to a law that came into effect on January 1, German police dogs are forced to rest. The law proposed by former Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner (Julia Klockner) prohibits the use of punitive stimuli to train or control dogs.

“Due to changes in the animal protection law governing dogs, we are currently unable to deploy some of our service dogs,” The Guardian quoted police spokesman Thilo Cablitz as saying.

The police said that about 49 dogs will be suspended from work until a solution is found. These animals are part of a 130-person canine team, which is used for various operations including anti-drug, arrest and search for missing persons.

The area of ​​contention is the use of the so-called “Pull the collar” Used to control the aggressive behavior of police dogs during operations.

The collar is fixed by briefly pulling the dog’s rope, which is used to temporarily restrict the animal’s breathing, signal the end of the attack, and prevent the dog from causing serious injury to the attacker.

Although the new legislation banning the use of punitive stimulus measures aims to raise broader standards for dog keeping across Germany, police dogs and guard dogs still need to comply with the regulations.

According to the new law, dog owners are obliged to walk their dogs regularly and spend quality time with them. Except in some cases, collars and chains are now prohibited.

The deputy chairman of the Berlin branch of the police union, Stephan Kelm (Stephan Kelm), stated that they are willing to find “Innovative training methods, in which there is no need to cause pain. But now we know nothing.” He added that a solution needs to be found, otherwise there will be “Cause serious consequences for domestic security.”

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