Police detain anti-blockade protesters — Action News Now

On Monday, people opposed to the lockdown and mandatory vaccination marched in cities across Germany, condemning the government’s harsh Covid-19 policy. The police detained several people in Bautzen, a city in eastern Saxony.

Police in the area said they blocked several demonstrations in the city on Monday, including a demonstration of about 250 people.

Riot police were photographed pressing some protesters to the ground and detaining them with zipper cuffs. According to health guidelines, outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.

Similar rallies against Covid restrictions have been held across Germany, including in Cottbus, where activists chanted “Let go of our children.”

In Düsseldorf, protesters marched with slogans: “We are the red thread, Mr. Scholz,” Refers to Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of the exchequer, who said there was “No red line” Fight the virus for his government.

In some cities, protests and counter-demonstrations occurred at the same time. The police said that in Potsdam, several people tried to break through the barriers separating the two sides.

Due to the surge in Omicron virus variants, Germany has recently tightened regulations on private gatherings. For people who have not been vaccinated, gatherings are limited to a maximum of two people from another family. A health pass is required to enter restaurants and other places.

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