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After photos of police academy students in Third Reich uniforms were uploaded online, Colombian President Ivan Duque insisted that any apology for Nazism was unacceptable.

“Any apology for Nazism is unacceptable,” Duke said in a tweet on Friday.The President said he condemned any mention of those “Responsible for the Holocaust that claimed more than 6 million lives,“Added “Anti-Semitism has no place in the world.”

Duke made a request earlier “Head Roll” In a college “Promote this criminal behavior,” Its supervisor, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Feni Bayona Sanchez, has been fired.

The Colombian Ministry of National Defense, which oversees the police in the country, also insisted in a statement that its training program “Don’t imagine an event in any way, such as an event that has already occurred” In college.

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Brazilian police found $3.5 million worth of Nazi souvenirs in the home of a

The image of police cadets in Nazi uniforms aroused anger and confusion among Internet users.

The German and Israeli embassies in the country responded by issuing a joint statement stating “Totally reject any form of apology or Nazist demonstration.” The U.S. Embassy in Bogota also stated “Shocked and deeply disappointed” By development.

The controversial photo in which the aspiring officer was photographed in a black SS uniform, wearing a red swastika armband and a gray Wehrmacht uniform from World War II. Some blockbuster media reports did not disclose it, but it was actually in the official Announced on Twitter account. This Thursday, the Colombian police.

These photos are part of the shooting “Cultural Exchange” The event held at the Tulua City Police Academy was to commemorate Germany and “Strengthen the knowledge of our police students.” The role-play is obviously to illustrate the history of German law enforcement. In the photo, more students are wearing more modern national police uniforms.

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