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The leader of the ruling party Fazheng Party said that the country’s access to high-tech surveillance software is a good thing

Poland’s most powerful legislator admitted that his country had purchased spyware from the controversial group of Israel’s National Bureau of Statistics. However, he denied that it was used against politicians, claiming that it was used by secret services.

In an interview with the right-wing weekly Sieci, the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said that the use of powerful snooping software by Polish security agencies is a positive thing. .

“It would be too bad if the Polish service sector did not have this tool,” Kaczynski said, referring to Israel’s NSO software. The full interview was originally scheduled to be published in the Sieci edition on Monday, but the news portal wPolityce.pl published an excerpt on Friday.

Kaczynski said that the Pegasus software represents a huge technological advancement to existing surveillance systems, and pointed out that security services could not read encrypted messages before.

According to the Associated Press, although he admitted that Poland purchased the software from the now troubled National Bureau of Statistics group, he claimed that the software was not used to target politicians.

Prior to this, the Polish government had made multiple accusations of using Pegasus software to spy on political opponents.

In a scandal called the “Polish Watergate” incident in the local media, the government of Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki allegedly monitored Krzysztof Breza, a member of the Civic Platform Party who coordinated his 2019 election campaign. (Krzysztof Brejza) and lawyer Roman Giertych. Participate in the case against the PiS party.

Allegedly, the prosecutor and opposition figure Ewa Wrzosek was also spied on. These allegations were made by the Citizen Lab, a network monitoring organization at the University of Toronto.

“There is nothing here, no facts, only opposition hysteria. There is no Pegasus case, no surveillance,” Kaczynski said in the interview.

“No Pegasus, no service, no secretly obtained information played any role in the 2019 election campaign. They lost because they lost. They shouldn’t make such excuses today,” He added.

Kaczynski’s allies have previously denied any dealings with the Israeli spyware maker.Moravitsky said that the results of the investigations by the Citizen Lab and the Associated Press are “False news” And claimed that foreign agents may have been using spyware.

NSO software enables users to access the target’s smartphone, read messages, browse photos, track location, and even turn on the camera, all without the device user’s knowledge.

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