Podcast: The next pandemic is already lurking

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Hope that the COVID-19 nightmare will disappear soon, but this is unlikely to be the last pandemic in our lives. Because the virus that will cause the next pandemic may already exist.

Animals carry hundreds of thousands of viruses that may infect humans. The buffer zone between human settlements and wildlife settlements reduces the risk of the virus spreading from another species to our own species. But now human actions, such as deforestation and urbanization, and climate change, are eliminating these areas.

Today, Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Kate Linsikum, who recently went to the Amazon rainforest, and Emily Baumgartner, a national correspondent who specializes in medical investigations, explained this issue. They talk about ways to solve the problem—or at least reduce the risk.

host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Kate Linthicum and national correspondent Emily Baumgartner

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