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In recent years, a dangerous hoax called “slap” has led to many deaths

This week, reporter and podcast host Tim Pool’s show was interrupted by a police raid after someone submitted a false report claiming that two people were shot dead in the studio.

On Thursday’s “Timcast IRL” program, a Pool who seemed worried suddenly announced that “Policemen [had] Just got in. “ After leaving the desk briefly to deal with the situation, Poole came back to explain what had happened.

“We were beaten. I am very dissatisfied with that,” He said, explained “There are reports that two people were shot and the gunman threatened to hurt themselves.”

Chi assured the audience that only a few police officers were sent to look around. Fortunately, not the entire SWAT team, but expressed dissatisfaction with the police. “Walk into our studio during our live broadcast” The search was conducted without a search warrant.

“Slap” is an illegal act in which victims are raided by armed security forces through false police reports. “Swatters” usually tell the authorities that there has been a shooting, murder or hostage incident to ensure that the police response is severe and potentially dangerous. In recent years, Slam has been used against many celebrities and Internet celebrities, and this practice has resulted in several deaths.

A colleague of Poole condemned the whistleblower, calling him “very dangerous” and “reckless,” And pointed out the past police raids “Causing many innocent deaths, dogs being shot, people being shot.”

After the incident, Pool claimed on Twitter that the security video showed “There may be 8 cars” Participated in the raid and was “Worse than we realized”

“Fortunately, our CTO was outside, and they drove over to ease the situation,” He wrote and promised to upload footage of the raid on Friday.

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