Plane crashed in Panama, 2 Americans missing

The Panamanian authorities continued to search for the two missing Americans when their small plane splashed into the Pacific Ocean and quickly sank

Panama City – On Tuesday, the Panamanian authorities were searching for two missing Americans. The small plane they were flying in splashed into the Pacific Ocean and sank quickly.

The other three people on the private flight have been rescued. Two of them are also American citizens. The third is the pilot of the plane, a Canadian.

The Panamanian Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday that the two missing U.S. citizens were 57 and 70 years old, but did not confirm their identities.

Searchers for ships and aircraft searched the area near Punta Cham, Panama, south of Panama City.

On Monday, the single-engine five-seat Piper Cherokee 6 crashed into the sea. The plane flew to Cham from Contadora Island about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away.

Civil Aviation Administration Director Gustavo Pérez Morales (Gustavo Pérez Morales) told Telemetro TV that the pilot radioed that his engine had a problem and must be splashed into the sea.

“We were able to find the coordinates of the plane at the moment it fell, and this is how we can carry out the rescue,” said Perez Morales.

He said the pilots later told the authorities that the plane sank so fast that they could not seize the life raft or life jacket.

“I don’t know why they didn’t put on life jackets at the right time,” Perez Morales said. “This is a rule. Aircraft flying over the ocean for a long time should have life jackets and life rafts to deal with any emergency.”