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The military initially thought Pyongyang’s latest missile test could hit the U.S., leading to a West Coast grounding

At one point, U.S. military and aviation officials were convinced that a missile fired by North Korea earlier this week could have posed a threat to the “homeland,” but early interpretations were quickly dismissed as inaccurate, according to CNN. .

Shortly after Pyongyang fired a hypersonic missile off the east coast on Monday as part of a weapons test, the U.S. Northern Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) each responded as if The launch was an attack, scrambling to determine whether the munitions could reach U.S. soil.

Pentagon officials “Not a good feel for its function,” A MP was briefed on the incident Tell CNN said Thursday the accident “ugly.”

While the military quickly discovered that the weapon didn’t pose a threat — eventually crashing into the waters between China and Japan thousands of miles from the US border — the FAA still grounded some West Coast flights for about 15 minutes. minute. Assure.

“As a precautionary measure, the FAA has temporarily suspended takeoffs from some West Coast airports,” The agency said in a statement Tuesday. “The FAA takes precautions on a regular basis. As we have done after all such events, we are reviewing the process around this starting point.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby later told reporters that the grounded flights were “Normal coordination and communication process” between defense and aviation officials, although he added “Some decisions were made that probably didn’t need to be made.”

The missile launch was Pyongyang’s second so far in 2022 and sparked threats of retaliation from Washington, which recently called on the United Nations to impose additional penalties on North Korea’s six missile launches since September.Separately, the U.S. Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on six North Koreans, a Russian national and a Russian company for their alleged involvement in Pyongyang’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” program.

In response, North Korea swear One “A stronger and definitive response,” blame the US ‘Deliberately escalating the situation’ On the Korean peninsula, although it did not specify what actions might be taken.

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