Parliament has no babies: British lawmakers are angry about the baby ban

After a member of Parliament was told that a 3-month-old baby could not be brought into the House of Commons, some British politicians asked for changes to parliamentary rules

LONDON-On Wednesday, several British politicians demanded changes to parliamentary rules after a member of Parliament was told that a 3-month-old baby could not be brought into the House of Commons.

Labor MP Stella Creasy said that after she took her son Pip to the debate, she received a letter from the House of Commons authority.

She said she had brought Pip and her eldest daughter to Parliament with no problems before, but was told that the rules had changed in September. Members of Congress have now been told that they “should not be seated in the conference hall with your child.”

Crecy said the rule undermines efforts to make politics more family-friendly.

“There are barriers to getting moms involved in politics, and I think it will hurt our political debate,” she told the BBC.

Dominique Raab, the deputy prime minister of the Conservative Party, said he “deeply sympathizes” with Crecy, but said that the decision was made by the House of Representatives authorities.

“I think we really need to ensure that our profession enters the modern world, the 21st century, and allows parents to take care of the work they do and the family time they need.” Rab said.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said the baby ban was “ridiculous.” She said that babies are “far less destructive than many yelling backbenchers.”

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsey Hoyle, stated that he has asked the Parliamentary Procedure Committee to review the rules and pointed out that “there are different opinions on this matter.”

“The suggestions given yesterday…correctly reflect the current rules. However, the rules must be viewed in context, and they will change with the changes of the times,” he said.

“It is extremely important that parents of infants and young children can fully participate in the work of this hospital.”


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