Pakistani female journalist attacks the eastern city of Lahore

Pakistani police said an attacker attacked a female journalist in the eastern city of Lahore while she was driving with her daughter and sister.

Lahore, Pakistan-Police said on Thursday that an assailant assaulted a female Pakistani journalist while driving with her daughter and sister in the eastern city of Lahore.

Police said the assailant used an iron rod to smash the front windshield of the car in the attack on Wednesday night and made loud threats before the women could escape safely.

It is not clear why Ambreen Fatima and his family were targeted. She works for Nawa-i-Waqt, a Pakistani Urdu-language newspaper, and is the wife of investigative reporter Ahmad Noorani, who was also attacked in Islamabad in 2017.

Noorani is known for his critical writing on Pakistani judiciary, bureaucracy and intelligence agencies.

The Pakistani government insists on supporting freedom of speech, but journalists and press freedom advocates often accuse the country’s military and its agencies of harassing and attacking journalists—or for not doing enough to prevent such attacks.

The Pakistani journalist group condemned the attack on Fatima. Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif requested that the incident be investigated and those behind the attack be punished.

The police said they are investigating.


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