Pakistan pledges to provide 28 million U.S. dollars in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan | Humanitarian Crisis News

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who presided over the meeting of the Afghanistan Aid Committee, also authorized India’s food aid transit.

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that more than 28 million U.S. dollars in medical, food and other humanitarian aid will be provided to Afghanistan. He also authorized the delivery of food aid from India to Afghanistan through Pakistan, his office said.

Khan met in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Monday with General Kamal Javed Bajwa, the commander-in-chief of the country’s army, and senior government officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance and the National Security Advisor.

“[The PM] Order the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid in kind worth 5 billion Pakistani rupees [roughly $28.4m], This will include food commodities, including 50,000 [metric tonnes] Wheat, emergency medical supplies, winter shelters and other supplies,” said a statement issued after the meeting.

The statement stated that the Pakistani government will also reduce certain tariffs and sales taxes on Afghan exports to Pakistan.

Khan’s office stated that it will allow 50,000 metric tons of wheat from India to be used as humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, and it will pass through Pakistan “once the method is finalized with India.”

The aid was provided earlier this month, and on November 11, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it had encountered obstacles in entering Afghanistan.

“[W]I have been looking for possibilities, but because I can’t get in unimpeded, I have encountered difficulties,” said Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pakistan said it will also facilitate the return of Afghans who have been stranded in India seeking medical care since the Taliban took over Pakistan’s neighboring northwestern country in August.

The statement said that a delegation of Afghan health officials will visit Islamabad to hold talks with Pakistani counterparts on Pakistan’s humanitarian assistance.

Visit by a top US delegation

Also on Monday, a delegation of two senior U.S. congressmen, composed of Gregory Meeks, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and Ami Bella, chairman of the Asian Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and others in Islamabad. The officials held talks.

His office said in a statement that at their meeting, Khan reiterated Pakistan’s position that it is necessary to contact the Taliban government in Kabul to avoid a potential humanitarian disaster.

The statement said: “The Prime Minister also hopes to find solutions and methods to solve the liquidity problem, and to enable banking channels to help Afghanistan withstand its immediate economic burdens and challenges,” the statement refers to the Afghan Central Bank’s reserves of more than 9.5 billion U.S. dollars. Keep frozen By the United States.

The brief statement of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives confirmed the visit and the meeting between the two members of Congress.

“While in Pakistan, the delegation appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to support the evacuation of American citizens and legal permanent residents from Afghanistan, and exchanged views on a wide range of issues such as counter-terrorism, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, climate change and climate change. Trade,” the U.S. statement said.

Asad Hashim is a digital correspondent for Al Jazeera in Pakistan. He tweeted @AsadHashim.


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