Orban predicts that for anti-vaccine people, this will be “stinging or death”-RT World News

PM Viktor Orban said that it is inevitable for all Hungarian citizens to be vaccinated against Covid-19. He said that even the toughest anti-vaccineists will eventually face the choice between dying from the virus and vaccination.

Hungarian leaders lashed out at those who did not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in a speech on Radio Kosut on Friday, calling them a threat “Not only to themselves, but to all others.”

Finally, everyone must be vaccinated; even anti-vaccination people will realize that they will either be vaccinated or die. So, I urge everyone to seize this opportunity.

Orban said that EU member states are currently experiencing the fourth wave of coronavirus and blamed the situation on those who have not been vaccinated. “If everyone is vaccinated, there will be no fourth wave, or just a small wave,” the prime minister claimed.

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In addition to urging people who have not been vaccinated to eventually get vaccinated, Orban also promoted the booster injection, revealing that he had received three doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

“The only thing that can protect us from the virus is vaccination. And we are now seeing that at least experts agree that the protective power of the vaccine weakens four to six months after the second vaccination. Therefore, a third One vaccination is reasonable,” He said.

Hungary has announced new anti-coronavirus measures, but there is a gap compared with the strict measures proposed by the country’s medical chamber of commerce on Wednesday. The medical institution called for a total ban on mass activities, and recommended that they enter restaurants, theaters and other indoor venues on the condition that they carry a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Instead, Budapest has imposed mandatory use of masks on most indoor environments, and will require all medical personnel to inject booster needles from Saturday.

As a country with a population of 10 million, the total number of Covid cases recorded in Hungary is just below the 1 million mark. On Friday, it set a new daily record with nearly 11,300 new infections of Covid. During the pandemic, more than 32,700 people in Hungary died of the disease.

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