One year later: Trump’s role in the U.S. Capitol riots is still under investigation | Political News

America is still facing the truth what happened Thousands of supporters of then President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.

In the year since then, people have learned more about Trump’s campaign to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and how it culminated in the Capitol riots.

“There are several efforts to overturn the election,” said Adam Schiff, a member of the House of Representatives Special Investigation, which has interviewed dozens of people and obtained thousands of emails, texts and documents related to January 6.

“Of course, there are lies spread by the former president, the efforts of local election officials and state legislators, the efforts of the Department of Justice, and of course the violent attacks on January 6,” Schiff told CBS in January 3.

The FBI arrested and prosecuted more than 700 people involved riot The House Committee has been investigating Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen and his role in trying to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president.

Interactive map showing the mob’s route to the U.S. Capitol

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that Biden is expected to talk about “President Trump’s unique responsibility for the chaos and slaughter that we have seen” in his speech on the first anniversary of the quarrel in the Capitol. .

In the days and months after the riots, Trump has insisted that he was not incited at all and that all he did was to deliver political speeches in peaceful protests.

Trump implied that the violence in the Capitol was triggered by others, and he continued to claim-in the absence of reliable evidence-that the election was fraudulent.

“There is such love at the rally,” Trump said on Fox News seven months later. “They were there for a reason, which was the rigged election. They felt that the election was rigged, and that’s why they were there. They are peaceful people. These are great people. Everyone is unbelievable. I mentioned it. The word “love”. Love-love in the air, I have never seen anything like this.”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a speech at the rally, asking for questions about the certification of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results.On January 6, 2021, former U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a fierce speech at a rally to challenge Congress to certify the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election [File: Jim Bourg/Reuters]

The new information discovered by House investigators has become increasingly clear that Trump, his senior aides, and political allies intend to use the rally to block Congress’s official statistics on the results of the 2020 presidential election on January 6.

On Tuesday, the Select Committee asked Fox News person Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity) to appear in court as a “fact witness”, Trump’s long-time confidant, and quoted “show that you (Hannity) are against Tron President Putra and his legal team have learned about the plan on January 6.”

In a letter asking Hannity to “voluntarily answer questions,” the committee chair and vice chair quoted Hannity’s text message to White House staff on January 5, “I [sic] Very worried about the next 48 hours. On January 6, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows suggested that Trump should “…ask people to leave the White House peacefully.” [C]A pit[o]I. “

“187 Minutes”

On January 6, in the Oval Square near the White House, Trump delivered a fierce speech, claiming that the election was stolen and encouraging thousands of supporters to march in the Capitol. The president then retreated to the White House, where he watched live television events for more than three hours.

“The committee now has first-hand testimony. He was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office and watching the attack on TV during the attack on the Capitol,” representative Liz Cheney said on the ABC.

“We have first-hand evidence that his daughter Ivanka came in at least twice and asked him to’please stop this violence’,” said Cheney, the Republican vice chairman of the House Committee who participated in the investigation on January 6.

At the same time, Trump’s senior White House staff received crazy text messages from lawmakers and media allies, urging Trump to publicly cancel the attack. Instead, according to Cheney, Trump watched the violence on TV in “187 minutes” and called at least one Republican senator to urge the postponement of the election count.

    White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called on the South Lawn of the White House.The House committee investigating the January 6 uprising has issued dozens of subpoenas to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and others close to former President Donald Trump. [Patrick Semansky/AP Photo]

A text message to White House Chief of Staff Meadows read: “The president must stand firmly and tell the protesters to disperse. Someone is going to be killed.”

Meadows partially cooperated with the House of Representatives investigation by providing texts and other materials, but declined to be interviewed.The committee issued a subpoena to Meadows, and the entire House of Representatives has Vote to despise him Because it didn’t show up.

Willard “War Room”

The House of Representatives is investigating reports that in the days leading up to January 6, Trump’s senior political advisers-personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, political strategist Steve Bannon and others-were in Willa. A “command center” is assembled in a room of the De Hotel, which is adjacent to the White House.

According to House investigators who tried to interview him, Bannon was deeply involved in Trump’s rally plan and warned in a podcast on January 6 that “hell will erupt.”

“We are catching up to the target. This is the point of attack we have always wanted,” Bannon said.

Steve Bannon, talk show host and former White House adviser to former President Donald Trump.Steve Bannon, talk show host and former White House adviser to former President Donald Trump, was indicted for refusing to comply with Congress’ subpoena for the January 6 attacks [File: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

Bannon refused to cooperate with the House Committee and now faces Criminal contempt of court By the Ministry of Justice-proceedings that may take months in court.

Willard “War Room” team includes John EastmanA conservative lawyer outlined how to Vice President Mike Pence He can use his power to prevent congressional election counts.

The pressure faced by Pence and members of Congress coincided with Pushed by Trump According to an eight-month Senate investigation, supporters within the Justice Department were asked to take action against election officials in key states that voted for Biden, including Georgia.

On January 2, Trump lied about winning Georgia with “hundreds of thousands of votes” and called Georgia’s top election official Pressure him Change the total number of votes in the state.

“Political pressure and maneuvers have failed, but the impact on the rule of law has not ended. It has escalated,” concluded Benny Thompson, the Democratic chairman of the House Committee. “This led to a violent attack on the chairmanship of our people.”