Omicron soars, the President of Mexico calls it a “small coronavirus”

As Mexico’s coronavirus cases surge and testing becomes scarce, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told Mexicans that if they have symptoms, they assume they are infected with COVID-19

The number of confirmed cases in Mexico surged by 186% last week.

Lopez Obrador claimed that the Omicron variant was “a bit COVID” and pointed out that hospitalizations and deaths did not increase at the same rate. However, experts say that these are lagging indicators and may not appear for a few weeks after the peak of infection.

The president read a recommendation posted on Twitter by a supporter, saying that Mexicans with symptoms should stay at home, take paracetamol and quarantine instead of going out for testing.

The government of Lopez Obrador has long refused to implement large-scale testing, calling it a waste of money. He called on the company not to require employees to undergo COVID testing.

Mexico passed 300,000 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus last week, but there are so few tests in this country of 126 million people that the government’s review of death certificates shows that the actual number of deaths is close to 460,000.

The President said that the virus surge was the main reason for the cancellation of 260 flights between January 6 and January 10 because airline employees were infected and had to be quarantined, resulting in a shortage of personnel.